friends and colleagues (in alphabetical order):  sites, projects, editorials...
Andrea Jacobi Galerie, (Germany)
Barry Schwartz, San Francisco (USA) emaf
Bill Vorn and Louis-Phillipe Demers, Quebec (Canada)
Chico McMurtrie, San Francisco (USA) Amorphic robot works
Chip Flinn, San Francisco (USA) Peoplehater
Gordon Monahan, Berlin (Germany), Meaford (Canada) Schmalzwald
Gwendolin Taube, Hamburg (Germany)
Jim Whiting, Leipzig (Germany) Bimbotown
Laura Kikauka, Berlin (Germany), Meaford (Canada) Schmalzwald
Matt Heckert, San Francisco (USA)
Peter Dittmer, Berlin (Germany) Die Amme
Stelarc, Sidney (AUS)
Time's Up, Linz (Austria)

    (last modified sep 26, 2007)